The Rule of Law and its Enemies

Each year, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) presents the Reith Lectures. The most recent version of these lectures featured the economic historian Professor Niall Ferguson. BBC’s website describes the focus of the lecture on exploring, “the role of man-made institutions on global economic growth and democracy, referencing the global economic crisis and financial regulation, as well as the Arab Spring.” This four-part podcast will appeal to those interested in reflecting on the impact of our institutions. The podcast can be access through the following link: BBC’s Reith Lectures: Niall Ferguson

A note about podcasts: I regularly listen to podcasts when running, walking my dog, cleaning, and during other activities. This blog will periodically highlight podcasts of interest that are connected, on some level, to the academic pillar. It is important to note that am not endorsing any specific view point but rather sharing podcasts that challenge our thinking, hopefully along the lines of the International Baccalaureate’s Theory of Knowledge class.

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